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7 Enfield driving instructors found in the Enfield area.

Enfield driving instructors are made up of independent instructors and local Enfield driving schools covering Enfield. All driving instructors listed are qualified to provide you with the best driving lessons to help you pass your driving test in the most efficient way.

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Driving Instructors Enfield

Learning to Drive in Enfield

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Enfield’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is lower than the national average sitting at 46.2%.

The test centres in Enfield are Innova Business Park with a pass rate of 46.2%, Tottenham with 45.5%, and Wood Green with 46.1%

The nearest additional driving test centres for Enfield are in Chingford with 40.9%, Barnet with 44.8%, Loughton with 48.6%, and Wanstead which has a lower pass rate of 34.3%.

Enfield Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Barnet, (Enfield), Raydean House, 15 – 17 Western Parade, Barnet EN5 1AD
  • Brancroft Way, (Enfield), 33 Brancroft Way, Brimsdown, Enfield EN3 7NJ
  • Chingford, (Enfield), Doric House, 128 Station Road, Chingford E4 6AD
  • Innova Business Park, (Enfield), Solar Way, Innova Park Business Centre, Enfield EN3 7XY
  • Loughton, (Enfield), Crown Buildings, 284 High Road, Loughton IG10 1RB
  • Wanstead, (Enfield), 2 Devon House, Hermon Hill, Wanstead E11 2AW
  • Wood Green, (Enfield), Wood Green Crown Court, Woodhall House, Lordship Lane, Wood Green N22 5LF
  • Tottenham, (Enfield), Driving Test Centre Tottenham Annex Building, Selby Centre, Selby Road, Tottenham N17 8JL

Enfield Theory Test Centres

  • Bethnal Green, (Enfield), Unit 3, Ground Floor, Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS
  • Ilford, (Enfield), Ground Floor, Pioneer Point, 3 – 5 Winston Way, Ilford IG1 2FS
  • North Finchley, (Enfield),, Ground Floor, Tally Ho Corner, 711 High Road, North Finchley N12 0BP

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Enfield – did you know?

  1. The town of Enfield was first granted a market in the early 14th century, but the market square wasn’t created until 1632. The marketplace enjoyed the consistent flow of traffic from the Old North road and also commerce on the Lea.
  2. The area to the east of Enfield and adjacent to the River Lea and Lee Navigation, is renowned for its industrial heritage. Enfield is one of 35 major centres in Greater London.
  3. The Royal Small Arms Factory, at Enfield Lock, produces the famous Enfield rifles, it was here that the famous rifle, the Lee Enfield was produced for use in World War 1.
  4. Amy Winehouse was born in Enfield to parents Mitchell, a taxi driver, and Janis, a pharmacist. She went to school at Southgate and then Ashmole before going on to capture the world’s attention with her amazing voice.
  5. Enfield’s Barclays Bank was first place in the world to have an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) or cash machine. The ATM was officially opened in June 1967 by Reg Varney, a television actor and local personality most famous for his lead role in the comedy series On the Buses.
  6. Enfield has its own mythological creature. Known as ‘The Enfield’ it is said to be a fusion of all the animals that once frequented Enfield Chase.
  7. One of Britain’s most loved ghost stories has roots in Enfield. The Enfield poltergeist haunted an average council house in Enfield, North London. The story has become a major Hollywood feature film, The Conjuring 2, and The Enfield Haunting series was shown on SKY TV – both with star-studded casts. Some believe the story, others are sure it is a hoax. Whatever the case, it is one of the most fascinating Poltergeist stories in Britain.
  8. The world’s first solid state circuitry colour televisions were manufactured in Enfield by Ferguson.