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Learning to Drive in Glasgow

Driving in Glasgow offers a mix of bustling city streets, scenic drives, and unique challenges, making it an exciting experience for motorists. Whether you’re navigating the city centre or exploring the surrounding countryside, here’s what you need to know about driving in Glasgow:

City Centre Navigation

Glasgow’s city centre can be busy, particularly during peak times. Be prepared for heavy traffic around landmarks like George Square and the Buchanan Galleries. Utilize GPS navigation or maps to navigate through the city’s streets and pay attention to signage for parking facilities.

Roundabouts and Junctions

Glasgow features numerous roundabouts and complex junctions, which are common across the UK road network. Approach these with caution, yield to traffic on your right, and use your indicators to signal your intentions. Take your time to assess the flow of traffic and make safe manoeuvres.

Parking Facilities

Parking in Glasgow city centre is available in multi-storey car parks, on-street parking spaces, and designated parking areas. Be aware of parking restrictions and time limits to avoid fines. Consider using public transportation or park-and-ride facilities if travelling from outside the city centre.

Public Transport and Bus Lanes

Glasgow has an extensive public transport network, including buses and trains. Be mindful of designated bus lanes and give way to buses when merging or changing lanes. Keep an eye out for tram tracks, especially around the city centre and Glasgow’s waterfront.

Scenic Drives and Countryside Exploration

Beyond the city limits, Glasgow offers picturesque countryside and scenic routes. Explore nearby destinations such as Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the Clyde Valley, and the Campsie Fells. Take your time to enjoy the scenery and practice safe driving on rural roads.

Cultural Awareness

Glasgow is a diverse and vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. Show respect for other road users, be tolerant of different driving styles, and adhere to the rules of the road. Patience, courtesy, and understanding contribute to safe and harmonious driving experiences.


Driving in Glasgow provides an opportunity to explore both the city’s urban landscape and the natural beauty of Scotland. By staying informed, remaining vigilant, and adapting to local traffic conditions, you can navigate Glasgow’s roads safely and confidently. Whether you’re commuting to work, visiting attractions, or embarking on a scenic drive, embracing the diversity of Glasgow’s road network enhances the journey and promotes responsible driving.

Practical Driving Test Statistics in Glasgow

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Glasgow’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is slightly lower than the national average sitting at 43.2%

Glasgow’s test centres are Anniesland, which has a pass rate of 41.8%, Baillieston at 47.1% and Shieldhall at 40.8%.

The nearest additional driving test centres for Glasgow are in Bishopbriggs with 50.6% and East Kilbride which has a slightly lower pass rate of 46.5%.

Glasgow Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Anniesland (Glasgow), 351 Anniesland Road, Strathclyde, Glasgow G13 1XS
  • Baillieston, (Glasgow), (wheelchair accessible): 341 Springhill Parkway, Business Park, Glasgow G69 6GA
  • Bishopbriggs, (Glasgow), Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 2QA
  • East Kilbride (Glasgow), Bosfield Place, Legion Scotland, East Mains, East Kilbride, G74 4DY
  • Shieldhall (Glasgow), Bogmoor Road, ShieldHall West, Lanarkshire, Glasgow G51 4TH

Glasgow Theory Test Centres

  • Glasgow, (Glasgow), Third Floor, Empire House, 131 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2RX
  • Dumbarton, (Glasgow), 86 – 88 High Street, Dumbarton G82 1PQ
  • Greenock, (Glasgow), Ground Floor, Victory Court, 2 Arthur Street, Greenock PA15 4RT

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Glasgow – did you know?

  1. The first international football match was in Glasgow at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground and 4,000 spectators watched.
  2. TV’s first signals were sent to a TV sets in Glasgow by the Scottish engineer, John Logie Baird, from London’s Royal Institution.
  3. The remains of St. Valentine, the father of Valentine’s Day, are resting in Blessed St John’s Scotus in the Gorbals.
  4. Glasgow’s Victoria Park is home to trees that are older than the dinosaurs. You’ll find them in Fossil Grove.
  5. Glasgow was founded by the patron saint of salmon, Saint Mungo! This ancient priest is said to have started his ministry at just 25 years of age in the year 540.
  6. Glasgow’s underground is affectionately known as “The Clockwork Orange” thanks the bright orange train carriages.
  7. The world’s first ultrasound machine was developed, tested and first used in Glasgow. Mothers around the world are given peace of mind thanks to this invention.
  8. The delicious dish, chicken masala wasn’t invented in India, it is a Glaswegian creation, originating at the Shish Mahal which is still open for diners today.
  9. Up until the late 18th Century, convicted criminals were banished to Glasgow as their punishment. After this time, criminals were sent further away, to Australia
  10. Glasgow is recognised by UNESCO as a city of music, thanks to the broad range of music that can be enjoyed there. From classical to Celtic, contemporary to country, most music tastes are catered to.