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Hemel Hempstead driving instructors are made up of independent instructors and local Hemel Hempstead driving schools covering Hemel Hempstead. All driving instructors listed are qualified to provide you with the best driving lessons to help you pass your driving test in the most efficient way.

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Driving Instructors Hemel Hempstead

Learning to Drive in Hemel Hempstead

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Hemel Hempstead’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is quite a bit lower than the national average sitting at 45.8%.

The test centres in Hemel Hempstead are St Albans which has a pass rate of 43.4%, Watford with 47.8%, Luton with 43.1%, and Pinner with 48.9%

The nearest additional driving test centres for Hemel Hempstead are in Borehamwood London which has a pass rate of 51.1%, Leighton Buzzard with 53.2%, Mill Hill with 45.0%, and Uxbridge which has a lower pass rate of 46.5%.

Hemel Hempstead’s Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Borehamwood, (Hemel Hempstead) Unit 1 Stirling Court, Stirling Way, Borehamwood WD6 2BT
  • Mill Hill, (Hemel Hempstead), Unit 9, Grannard Business Centre, Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 2DQ
  • Leighton Buzzard (Hemel Hempstead) Stanbridge Road, Leighton Road, Stanbridge, Leighton Buzzard LU7 4QG
  • Luton, (Hemel Hempstead), 6 – 10 Adelaide Street, Luton LU1 5BT
  • Pinner, (Hemel Hempstead), 221 Tolcarne Drive, Pinner HA5 2DZ
  • St Albans, (Hemel Hempstead), (wheelchair accessible), Beauver House, 6 Bricket Road, St Albans AL1 3JX
  • Uxbridge (Hemel Hempstead), Unit 7, Trade City Business Park, off Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge UB8 2DB
  • Watford, (Hemel Hempstead), CP House, Otterspool Way, Watford WD25 8HU

Hemel Hempstead’s Theory Test Centres

  • Luton, (Hemel Hempstead), Suite 102, Ground Floor, Plaza 668 Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 7XH
  • Uxbridge, (Hemel Hempstead), Second Floor, Union House, 2 Vine Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QE
  • Watford, (Hemel Hempstead), Unit 3, Orient Centre, Greycaine Road, Watford WD24 7GP

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Hemel Hempstead – did you know?

  1. Hemel Hempstead was developed after the Second World War as a new town providing homes for the many people who had lost theirs to bombing through the war. Prior to the new town status, Hemel Hempstead was granted its town charter by Henry VIII in 1539.
  2. Hemel Hempstead is first mentioned in historic records and a parcel of land known as Hamaele granted to the Saxon Bishop of London by the King of Essex, Offa in 705 AD.
  3. Hemel Hempstead town began as an Anglo Saxon settlement where two river valleys met in the Chiltern Hills. The local area grew very good grain and likely had many homesteads specialising in grain production. The word Hempstead originates from “hamstede” which means homestead.
  4. In 2019, Sabine McNeill championed a campaign to expose claims of devil worship and child abuse at a primary school in Hampstead, northwest London. The 75 year-old woman was jailed a year later after claiming mothers of primary school children were drinking their children’s blood and cooking body parts in ritualistic devil worship.
  5. Five years prior to the accusations of Sabine McNeill, two children accused their father of leading a Satan-worshipping paedophile ring in Hemel Hampstead. The accusations were proven to be false.
  6. Many areas beyond the capital have become Cockney-speaking to a greater or lesser degree, possibly due to the re-housing of bombed out London families after the second World War. Towns that have seen their Cockney-speaking populations grown include Hemel Hempstead, Basildon and Harlow, and expanded towns such as Grays, Chelmsford and Southend.