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Inverness driving instructors are made up of independent instructors and local Inverness driving schools covering Inverness. All driving instructors listed are qualified to provide you with the best driving lessons to help you pass your driving test in the most efficient way.

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Driving Instructors Inverness

Learning to Drive in Inverness

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Inverness’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is similar to than the national average sitting at 50.5%.

The test centres in Inverness are Seafield Road which has a pass rate of 50.5%, Alness at 66.0%, Grantown-On-Spey at 57.1% and Kingussie at 33.3%.

The nearest additional driving test centres for Inverness are in Golspie with 62.5%, Elgin with 40.9%, and Ullapool which has a much higher pass rate of 88.2%.

Inverness’ Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Alness, (Inverness), Unit 22 Fyrish Way, Teaninch Industrial Estate, Alness IV17 0PJ
  • Elgin, (Inverness), Crown Buildings, 21 Trinity Road, Elgin IV30 1UE
  • Golspie, (Inverness), Golspie Fire Station, Back Road, Golspie KW10 6SP
  • Grantown-on-Spey, (Inverness), Grantown-on-Spey Fire Station, Woodside Avenue, Grantown-on-Spey PH26 3JR
  • Inverness, (Inverness), Longman Industrial Estate, Seafield Road, Inverness IV1 1SG
  • Kingussie, (Inverness), Kingussie Shinty Club, The Market Stance, Ruthven Road, Kingussie PH21 1EN
  • Lairg, (Inverness), Lairg Fire Station, Main Street, Lairg IV27 4DB
  • Ullapool, (Inverness), Ullapool Fire Station, Lady Smith Street, Ullapool IV26 2UW

Inverness’ Theory Test Centres

  • Garve, (Inverness), Main Hall, Garve Public Hall, Station Road, Garve IV23 2PP
  • Inverness, (Inverness), Left Suite, First Floor, 38 Longman Drive, Inverness IV1 1SU
  • Tain, (Inverness), Main Function Suite, Ground Floor, Royat Hotel, High Street, Tain IV19 1AB

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Inverness – did you know?

  1. Inverness is the most northerly city in the UK and is known as the Capital of Scotland’s Highlands. It wasn’t granted city status until the beginning of this Century. Wolverhampton and Brighton also received the same status at that time.
  2. Inverness’s name translates to “Inbhir Nis” in Gaelic. The word Ness has origins with the Picts, the ferocious British tribe who famously painted themselves blue before heading into battle to frighten their opponents. Goddess Nessa was transformed into the River Ness for running away from her duties.
  3. The River Goddess, Nessa, isn’t the only creature of myth attached to this far north city, there are many other monsters, mermaids, ghosts and myths to be found in the city of Inverness.
  4. Inverness sits on a fault line known as the Great Glen Fault that is visible from space. The north and west sides of this geological feature move in opposite directions from each other and stretch from Inverness to Fort William.
  5. Loch Ness, not far from Inverness, is the largest lake in the UK by volume. The extraordinary depth of the lake, some 230 meters, allows this lake to hold nearly double all of the water in the rest of England and Wales’s lakes combined!
  6. In 1668 a fierce battle wages in Inverness over the non-payment of some cheese that a gentleman by the name of Finley Dhu accidentally knocked into the river.
  7. Inverness was home to the world’s biggest drug dealer in 1839. James Matheson, an Opium Trader insighted England to declare war on China so he could expand his Opium Empire and sell the drug to the Chinese.