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Newport driving instructors are made up of independent instructors and local Newport driving schools covering Newport. All driving instructors listed are qualified to provide you with the best driving lessons to help you pass your driving test in the most efficient way.

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Driving Instructors Newport

Learning to Drive in Newport

If you’re looking for driving tuition in Newport, Wales, you have several options to choose from. Here are some steps to help you find a suitable driving instructor:

Research Driving Schools

Start by researching driving schools in Newport. You can do this by checking the listed driving instructors and driving schools above, asking for recommendations from friends or family who have recently learned to drive, or checking local directories.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Look for reviews and ratings of driving schools and instructors in Newport. This will give you an idea of the quality of instruction and the experiences of past students.

Verify Instructor Credentials

Ensure that the driving instructors you’re considering are fully qualified and registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Qualified instructors will display a green badge in their vehicle’s windscreen.

Consider Lesson Prices and Packages

Compare the prices and packages offered by different driving schools and instructors in Newport. While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, it’s important to find a tuition option that fits your budget.

Ask About Lesson Availability

Enquire about the availability of driving lessons, including scheduling flexibility and waiting times for booking lessons. Some instructors may offer evening or weekend lessons to accommodate your schedule.

Meet the Instructor

If possible, arrange to meet the driving instructor before booking lessons. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get a sense of their teaching style and personality.

Discuss Learning Goals

During your initial meeting or consultation, discuss your learning goals and any specific areas where you may need extra support or practice. A good driving instructor will tailor their lessons to meet your individual needs.

Book a Trial Lesson

Consider booking a trial lesson with a driving instructor to see if you feel comfortable and confident learning from them. This will also give you a chance to assess their teaching methods and communication style.

Review Terms and Conditions

Before committing to driving tuition, review the terms and conditions of the driving school or instructor, including cancellation policies, payment methods, and any additional fees.

Stay Committed to Learning

Once you’ve chosen a driving instructor in Newport, stay committed to your lessons and practice regularly to build your confidence and skills behind the wheel.

By following these steps and choosing a reputable driving instructor, you can receive quality tuition and work towards passing your driving test in Newport, Wales.

Practical Driving Test Statistics in Newport

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Newport’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is higher than the national average, at 59.2%.

The test centres in Newport are Llanishen which has a pass rate of 59.2%, Llantrisant at 59.2%, Bristol at 55.2%, Barry at 59.9% and Weston-super-Mare at 47.0%.

The nearest additional driving test centres for Newport are in Abergavenny with 61.8%, Merthyr Tydfil with 57.7%, and Monmouth which has a higher pass rate of 60.7%.

Newport Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Abergavenny, (Newport), Station Road, Abergavenny, NP7 5HT
  • Barry, (Newport), Unit 16, Business Support Centre, Hood Road, Innovation Quarter, The Waterfront, Barry CF62 5QN
  • Bristol, (Newport), Unit M6, Cabot Park , Merebank Road, Avonmouth BS11 8AQ
  • Llanishen, (Newport), (no wheelchair access), Thornbury House, Unit 11 Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff Business Park, Cardiff, CF14 5GF
  • Llantrisant, (Newport), (wheelchair accessible), School Roa, Miskin, Llantrisant CF72 8YR
  • Merthyr Tydfil, (Newport), Merthyr Industrial Park, Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4DR
  • Monmouth, (Newport), Old Dixon Roaf, Monmouth NP25 3DP
  • Weston-Super-Mare, (Newport), Plot 11, Sunnyside Road, North Industrial Estate, Weston Super Mare BS23 3PZ

Newport Theory Test Centres

  • Bridgend, (Newport), Second Floor, Brackla House, Brackla Street, Bridgend, CF31 1BZ
  • Cardiff, (Newport), Third Floor, Limerick House, 23 Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HE
  • Merthyr Tydfil, (Newport), Ground Floor, Ty Keir Hardie, Riverside Court, Avenue de Clichy, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8LD
  • Newport, (Newport), Sixth Floor, Clarence House, Clarence Place, Newport NP19 7AA

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Newport – did you know?

  1. Every wondered who makes those delicious looking drawings to illustrate the Bake Off contestant’s creations? Well wonder no longer, he lives in Newport and his name is Tim Hovey.
  2. Punk pioneers the Clash had one of their band members hark from Newport. Joe Strummer was the lead man for the Clash and moved to Newport at 21 years of age.
  3. Joe Talbot from the Idles is also from Newport. The Idles are actually a Bristol punk rock band and played at Glastonbury in 2019, just before the world turned upside down.
  4. The famous escape artist and magician, Harry Houdini performed some of his most amazing stunts in Newport and was arrested by the police for his efforts.
  5. Lady Rhondda, one of the famous suffragettes who campaigned for women to have the right to vote, set fire to a post box in Newport as a protest about the lack of rights. She was fined £10 for the act of vandalism and sent to jail for a month when she refused to pay.
  6. The 1970 pop band The village people had a number of hits through the 70s and the 80s with tracks like YMCA, Macho Man and Go West. One of their members, Victor Willis lived in Newport with his wife between 2000 and 2010. Victor was the band member who dressed like a traffic cop.
  7. Snoop Dogg sent a video message to Ian Neale of Newport commending him for his horticultural skills and breaking the world record for growing the biggest swede. The 70 year old was even invited back stage at one of Snoop’s concert, although it’s unknown if the gardener took up the offer from the rapper.