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Oxford driving instructors are made up of independent instructors and local Oxford driving schools covering Oxford. All driving instructors listed are qualified to provide you with the best driving lessons to help you pass your driving test in the most efficient way.

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Driving Instructors Oxford

Learning to Drive in Oxford

The national average driving lessons required to pass the practical driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and an additional 22 hours of private practice with a family or friend are recommended.

Oxford’s Driving Test pass rate compared to other cities across the UK is lower than the national average sitting at 47.1%.

The test centres in Oxford are Cowley which has a pass rate of 47.1%, Aylesbury at  43.9%, and Banbury at 45.4%.

The nearest additional driving test centres for Oxford are in Reading with 54.0%, Newbury at 50.5%,, and Swindon which has a lower pass rate with 44.7%.

Oxford’s Practical Driving Test Centres

  • Aylesbury, (Oxford) Unit 9, Ground Floor, Bell Business Park, Aylesbury HP19 8JR
  • Banbury, (Oxford), Banbury Twenty Cricket Club, Ermonth Way, Banbury OX16 4AE
  • Cowley, (Oxford), James Wolfe Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2PY
  • Newbury, (Oxford), Hambridge Lane, Newbury RG14 5TZ
  • Reading, (Oxford), 220 Elgar Road South, Reading RG2 0BW
  • Swindon, (Oxford), 1 Fenn Close, Peatmoor, Swindon SN5 5BL

Oxford’s Theory Test Centres

  • Aylesbury, (Oxford), Unit 2A, Ground Floor, Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury HP19 8HL
  • Oxford, (Oxford), Third Floor, 58 St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1ST
  • Reading, (Oxford), First Floor, Greyfriars Gate, Greyfriars Road, Reading RG1 1NU

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Oxford – did you know?

  1. The University of Oxford is almost 1,000 years old, which makes it the second oldest university in the world. It’s pipped to the post by the University of Bologna, which was founded eight years before.
  2. Balliol College, part of the Oxford University campus today, was built as a punishment for My Balliol who insulted the Bishop of Durham.
  3. Three British Prime Ministers studied at the same college – Balliol College – and the University of Oxford has seen 27 of their students become British Prime Ministers!
  4. There are more published authors per square mile in Oxford than any other city in the world. It really is an author’s city!
  5. Oxford is more than just a University City, it’s also famous for the dictionary with the same name. It took four years to compile the first Oxford Dictionary, today it is a faster process but it’s still published by the Oxford University Press.
  6. Punting is a favourite way to enjoy the rivers and canals in Oxford. These flat bottomed boats have been propelled by setting poles or quants for fun in Oxford since the early 1800s.
  7. The famous bookstore chain, Blackwells, opened it’s first shop in Oxford and is still there to this day. The shop has a total of three miles of shelves, all stacked with books for sale.
  8. While other UK cities were heavily bombed through the second World War, Oxford got away largely unscathed. It’s believed that Hitler intended to turn Oxford into the country’s capital after conquering the British Army.
  9. Oxford’s Natural History Museum has the most complete specimen the world knows of the extinct dodo bird. The Dodo became extinct in the 17th Century and it’s mummified bones are on display for all to see.
  10. The first cups of coffee ever served in Britain, were served in Oxford. The first coffee house was called The Grand Café.