Learning to Drive in Glasgow: Everything You Should Know

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and a great place for learning to drive. The mix of urban and rural roads provides the perfect conditions for developing driver skills. If you’re looking for driving lessons or just tips about learning to drive in Glasgow, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover all of the essential steps towards becoming a licenced driver.

First things first

Before you go looking for a driving instructor in Glasgow or even get behind the wheel of a car, you’ll need to apply for your provisional driving licence. There is no test to pass at this stage. All that’s needed is proof of your age (you must be 15 and 9 months old, or older), proof of your address for the past three years and a payment method for the £34 application fee.
Once you have a provisional licence, you’re prepared for lessons. To learn to drive a car, you’ll need to be 17 years of age or older. If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, you can start at the age of 16.

Choosing the right driving instructor

Finding the right instructor takes a little time and research. Ideally, your driving instructor should be patient, experienced and supportive. They should be able to adapt their teaching style to suit you. And you should get along well with them.

Ask friends and family for recommendations and who they chose for learning to drive in Glasgow. Online reviews and recommendations are also helpful. Check for student feedback for the instructors you’re interested in and make a shortlist of your favourites.

Once you have your shortlist, get in touch with the driving instructors. Ask about their availability, rates for lessons and any other questions you might have about learning to drive in Glasgow. Once you have this information and have spoken with each of the driving schools or instructors, you’ll be able to choose the right instructor for you.

Before your first driving lesson

To help things go smoothly on your first driving lesson, it’s good to be prepared. Read through the highway code so you’re familiar with the UK’s road rules. Note any questions that arise for you so you can ask your new instructor when you begin learning to drive.

You’ll also need to bring your provisional licence with you, so make sure it’s in your wallet or bag. Your eyesight is one of the first things your instructor will test too. If you need glasses to read a number plate from 20 metres away, make sure you’re wearing them or have them with you.

What to Expect During Your Lessons

Your first driving lesson will cover all the basics of driving a car. Your instructor will show you where all of the controls are. If you are learning to drive a manual car, you’ll get a feel for the different pedals, gears and which foot to use for the clutch, brake and accelerator.

It’s exciting and a little nerve-wracking when you first pull out from the curb. Try not to worry too much. Your instructor will guide you through quiet urban streets in Glasgow and some rural lanes before you begin tackling peak-hour traffic in the city centre! Practising with a licenced friend or family member can help you build your driving skills faster too.

As you build your skill and confidence, you’ll practice driving in different types of traffic conditions and situations with your instructor. Try to do the same outside of lessons. This embeds these new skills in your brain and builds muscle memory. You’ll cover more advanced manoeuvres and skills like parking, hill starts and merging in later lessons.

Preparing for your driving test in Glasgow

As your skills improve and reach a level of competence that will allow you to pass your test, your driving instructor will let you know it’s time to book your driving test. You should book a test close to the same location where you’ve been learning to drive. The familiarity of the routes you take with the examiner will help you stay focussed on driving well.

The UK’s driving test has two parts – the theory test with a hazard perception element and the practical driving test. The practical driving test begins with one show-me-tell-me question. These questions will check your knowledge of car care and maintenance.

Practice for the theory part of the driving test with friends and family. Read the Highway code and complete practice test questions too. Let your driving instructor know when and where you have booked your driving test and try to have a lesson with them close to your test date.

It’s natural to feel anxious and nervous when being tested for anything. Being tested for your driving licence is just the same! So try to get a good night’s rest before your driving test day. Remain calm by breathing deeply and slowly, and don’t be afraid to clarify instructions from the examiner if you need to.

Learning to drive can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. By choosing the right instructor, being prepared, and practising regularly, you’ll be well on your way to getting behind the wheel in Glasgow. Enjoy the experience!

Learning to drive in Glasgow will take you past some amazing street art
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